The youth of Sudan, who have lost their dreams and aspirations due to the war, ​

Tare a lost generation. The war has robbed them of their future, and deprived them of their right to life and to live in peace. They are a generation of victims of injustice and aggression, and they need support and assistance to rebuild their lives and achieve their dreams

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We are working hard to get our voice to the world and help our people.

We are helping people to move to safe areas, avoid conflict and war zones, and save their lives from death.


Internally people displaced.


landmines planted by the RSF Militia.​


Reported cases of rape.

Have you heard about the ongoing conflict in Sudan?

  • Jan 01, 2023​

magine losing your home, your school, your future

That’s Sudan’s reality, Help us expose RSF militia crimes against Sudanese and Sudan.

Sudan. Millions displaced. Millions hungry. Millions silenced. We must speak up

Instead of fueling the conflict, let’s encourage diplomatic efforts and peaceful resolutions. Contact your representatives and urge them to support Sudan

What Has Been Happening In Sudan Since April 15?

Seven months after the outbreak of the civil war in Sudan, many of World poeple and out brothers still do not know what is happening in our country

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we can amplify their stories

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Amplify the Sudanese narrative by sharing our stories on your social media, spreading the word about Sudan Voice, and engaging in dialogue about our cause.

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Connect with the heartbeat of a nation.

Together, we can rewrite the narrative of Sudan. Be a part of the movement.

Help displaced

“Building shelters for bodies and souls, brick by brick.”

support blind​

“We bring sight to the voices of Sudan, even for those who cannot see”​

Guiding footsteps​

“Beyond escape, building hope: We pave the way for a life free from fear.”​

Building bricks

“From bricks to books, rebuilding dreams one schoolhouse at a time.”​


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Sudan Voice fosters collaboration between international organizations, local initiatives, and passionate donors, paving the way for maximizing impact and amplifying results.

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We’re On A Mission Of Big Changes. To Help People in Sudan

magine losing your home, your school, your future. That’s Sudan’s reality.


Internally Displaced


Students out of school


Innocent people killed


Reported rape.